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Past PPV results

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Pay Per View Results!!!!!
WWF Breakdown:In Your House


€WWF Championship: (Triple Threat Match)
Steve Austin vs. Kane vs. Undertaker
Winner: no contest(?)

€Triple Threat Cage Match (for #1 contenders spot) The Rock vs. Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock
Winner: The Rock via pinfall

€6 Man Tag Team Match:
New Age Outlaws/X-pac vs Southern Justice/Jeff Jarrett
Winner: Degeneration X via pinfall

€Gangrell vs. D-Lo Brown
Winner: D-Lo via pinfall

€Val Venis vs. Dustin Runnels
Winner: Val Venis via pinfall

€Edge vs. Owen Hart
Winner: Owen Hart after a "fan" distracted Edge

€Al Snow and Scorpio vs. Too Much
Winner: Al Snow/Scorpio via pinfall

€Droz vs. Marc Mero
Winner: Mero via pinfall

€Vader vs. Bradshaw
Winner: Bradshaw via pinfall