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Hey this is my fed the is a RP fed meaning you win by how much you rp(roleplay)the more you RP the better your chances of winning are. If you want to join Click Here and say A wrestler and a manager or two wrestlers

Roster as of 11/28/98

BigPete420-Prez w/Big BossMan
DWaugh4DX-Tha Rock and HHH
NashnWo080-Austin w/Jesse Ventura w/Eric Bischof
ChyHHHXpac-Nash and HBK
LoveLaker-Goldberg and Sting
Sting2000X-Undertaker and Kane
Patrice317-Lex Luger
RockFan800-Bret "Hitman" Hart
DeLusionXx-RVD w/Bill Alfonzo
PlayaFly11-Gangrel and Christian
BGott2232-Ken Shamrock and D-Lo Brown w/sunny
NICK81582-Scott Hall and Mankind
HIWAYJOHN1-The Headbangers

This friday was the ECWF's first PPV call TwoWords:ECWF was a success and the results were
Rob Van Dam over Taz and Konnan(HardCore Title Match)
THe Rock over Bret Hart(International title match)
THe ROck and H H H over NewAgeOutlaws(Tag Title match)
Goldberg over X-Pac(King of the Ring Title match)
Main Event Austin over Hogan(World Title Match

Title Holders as of 11/28/98

World Title Held By-Steve Austin
International Title held by-The Rock
Hardcore title-Rob Van Dam
#1contender~Hollywood Hogan
King of the Ring Title-Goldberg
#1contender~No one
Tag Team Titles-The Rock and H H H
#1contenders-Undertaker and Kane

European Title-TO be decided with a tournament Tuesdays card
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1998 ECWF!

if you want to join email meXPAC123