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Following a commercial break, Mankind came flying down the entrance ramp on the stretcher! The Deranged One got on the mic and demanded redemption against Kane later on in the night inside the Hell in a Cell! Mankind promised he would put Kane through the cell--and onto 7,000 thumbtacks.

After a replay of the carnage of the Hell in a Cell at the King of the Ring, Sable made an appearance to introduce the Oddities! Kurrgan faced off against "Marvelous" Marc Mero, who was without Jacqueline. Mero tried to cut down the giant, but found himself in a bear hug. As Kurrgan assaulted "Marvelous" in the ring, Jacqueline came out from the crowd and attacked Sable! After Kurrgan won by disqualification due to a low blow, Jacqueline and her man took off through the audience. Following the bout, cameras found X-Pac in the locker room "relieving himself" in Double J's boots!

While Southern Justice was in the ring awaiting their match against the New Age Outlaws, Hawk joined JR and the King for "color commentary". After Ross' pleas to kill his microphone were ignored, the LOD member proved he was unfit to be in the arena. As the match got underway, Double J called out X-Pac for what he did to his boots! Jarrett not only claimed he would beat the DX member at SummerSlam in the "Hair vs. Hair" match, but he would shave X-Pac bald as well! Back in the ring, the Outlaws caught Dennis Knight with a piledriver for the win. After the bout, Double J shaved the head of a cameraman for taking photos of his feet!

After the Hell in a Cell was lowered, Mankind attacked referees and Kane in an attempt to climb the steel creation! However, he was launched from halfway up down to the concrete by the Phenom, allowing the younger sibling to ram his foe into the cell! After both athletes were padlocked inside, Kane drove the steel ring steps into Mankind. The Boiler Room Dweller answered with a steel chair and latched the Mandible Claw on his tag team partner, followed be a suplex on the thumbtacks! With hundreds of tacks piercing his flesh, Bearer's son rebounded and issued his foe a chokeslam and two Tombstone Piledrivers. However, Stone Cold emerged from under the ring and mauled Kane! As the Rattlesnake annihilated Kane with a Stunner, the Undertaker climbed to the top and broke through the cell! Just as the Phenom was about to drop in, Mr. McMahon raised the cage--allowing the champion to continue his assault on Kane!

Following the Hell in a Cell carnage, Chyna hit the ring to call out The Rock. The Intercontinental Champion obliged, and was joined by his fellow Nation members. After telling the Ninth Wonder of the World that he knew she "wanted him," The Rock pointed the fans to the TitanTron--where the rest of DX was barricaded in its locker room by a forklift! As Owen and D'Lo subdued Chyna, the Intercontinental Champion said there was no way in hell he would kiss the DX bodyguard. Then, just as Mark Henry was about to pucker up for Chyna, SHAWN MICHAELS cleared the ring with a steel chair! After the melee, DX searched the parking lot for the Nation.

In an attempt to seek revenge for his loss in last week's gauntlet match, Val Venis faced Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku. However, as Val hit his foe with the Money Shot, Triple H hit the ring and smashed both athletes with a steel chair. The DX leader got on the mic and ripped The Rock--claiming at SummerSlam, the Intercontinental Champion would be his "B*TCH"!

Following the world premiere of the AC/DC "Highway To Hell" SummerSlam video, X-Pac faced the macabre Gangrel. The DX member lashed into his foe with a spinning heel kick to open the bout, but Gangrel answered with a powerbomb. However, just as X-Pac was about to mount a comeback Double J interfered and knocked his SummerSlam foe cold by breaking a guitar over his head! Following the bout, the mysterious Edge viciously mauled Gangrel! After Federation officials pulled Edge off his victim, Gangrel appeared to be enjoying the pain!

In the Brawl For All FINALS, Bradshaw took on Bart Gunn! In an assault heard around the world, Bart KNOCKED OUT his foe in the middle of round one for the win! Bart Gunn wins $75,000 and is the Brawl For All winner!

After Bart's win, Michael Cole interviewed Mr. McMahon--who claimed he would find out one way or another if the Undertaker was his "friend or foe"! Back in the arena, eight druids led a casket out to the ring, and were followed by the Undertaker! The Phenom challenged Stone Cold to face him on RAW IS WAR, but Mr. McMahon stepped in and demanded an answer from the superstar! Instead of shaking Vince's hand, the Undertaker issued his boss a birthday wish with a chokeslam. However, Austin appeared out of the casket and went after his SummerSlam opponent. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Kane sprung from the same casket! As the champion walked up the entrance ramp and stared down the Undertaker, a wall of flames lit up around the Rattlesnake!