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*RAW SATURDAY NIGHT RESULTS (September 5, 1998)*

World Wrestling Federation owner Mr. Vince McMahon started off the night with a promise that Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't be champion following Breakdown: In Your House, on September 27. The boss then went on to call the Undertaker and Kane "two putrid p*ssies" for not seizing the chance to defeat the Rattlesnake at SummerSlam! This shocking comment drew the wrath of the siblings, as they chased McMahon through the audience in an attempt to pummel him!

In tag team action, the No Holds Barred fighting tandem of Ken Shamrock and "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman faced 8-Ball and Skull - the DOA. However, before a winner could be determined the Undertaker and Kane appeared in search of Vince. While Shamrock and the twins fought on the outside, the demonic brothers severely injured Blackman's knee!

In the second bout of the night, adult film star Val Venis battled the Rocky Mountain Monster Vader. During the match, Dustin Runnels appeared in the audience holding a sign that read "He's Coming Back!" Inside the ring, Vader was able to hit his opponent with a big splash, but Bradshaw interrupted his momentum by trading some heated words with the Mastodon. However, all hell broke loose when Kane and the Undertaker appeared once more - chokeslamming both Val and Vader while Bradshaw took higher ground!

In a World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title bout, champions the New Age Outlaws defended against The Rock and Mark Henry. The Nation members were able to wear down Road Dog with the People's Elbow and a vicious Bear Hug, but Chyna broke up the contest and mauled Henry! It took both Outlaws to pull the Ninth Wonder of the World off her victim after she pounded the former Olympian with fists of fury!

How low will Americans go for money? Tiger Ali continued his quest by offering a female fan $600 to "French kiss" Babu! The catch was that his ervant had been eating sardines all day, and reeked of fish! The fan obliged and earned her pay - but it was just in time to escape the wrath of the Undertaker and Kane. After the siblings hit the ring, they decimated Tiger and Babu with a pair of chokeslams.

Southern Justice was able to knock off the Headbangers using their "Problem Solver," as Dennis Knight got the pin on Mosh. After the bout, the Undertaker and Kane smashed down Mr. McMahon's locker room door using a sledgehammer - but the owner was nowhere to be found!

In a bout for the European Title, champion D'Lo Brown defended his gold against X-Pac. The DX member looked to have the upper hand after hitting his foe with a faceplant, but the newly-shaven Double J hit the ring and attacked X-Pac! While the bitter enemies battled into the audience, Kane and the Undertaker went after D'Lo. However, The Rock entered the situation - and stood up to the demonic brothers! For his troubles, D'Lo deserted his leader while the brothers annihilated The Rock.

"Marvelous" Marc Mero took on one of his SummerSlam opponents - Edge - in an attempt to exact some revenge. However, during the encounter Gangrel attacked the enigma, while Kane the Undertaker leveled Mero on the steel entrance ramp. After Federation officials separated the brawling superstars, Gangrel appeared to be laughing!

In an up-close and personal interview, Jim Ross talked to Al Snow and Head on Saturday night. The segment chronicled Snow's journey from Shinobi, Avatar and Leif Cassidy, his mental deterioration in ECW to his journey back to the Federation. Al promised he would make Mr. McMahon notice him, and despite the voices he hears in his Head, he is in full control of the team!

Flanked by the groove of the Insane Clown Posse, the Oddities were set to face LOD 2000 and Droz. However, Hawk entered the ring early in half his gear, and proceeded to dance with Golga, the giant Silva and Kurrgan! During the bout, Hawk exited the apron to pummel the Clowns for no reason whatsoever and faced the wrath of Silva once he got back in the ring. The giant powerbombed his foe and covered him for the win. After the bout, Animal and Droz turned their backs on Hawk as he danced his way back to the locker room.

"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher and "Too Hot" Scott Taylor - better known as "Too Much" - beat Boricua members Jesus and Miguel after Christopher nailed Miguel with the Tennessee Jam from the top rope, allowing Taylor to get the pin.

In the final bout of the night, high-flyer Scorpio took on Double J. The hardcore athlete missed his 450-spalsh from the top rope, allowing the Nashville native to hit his foe with a superplex. But, returning the attack from earlier in the night, X-Pac hit the ring and brawled with his foe into the crowd. At this point, the Undertaker and Kane returned - and destroyed Scorpio with a spike piledriver. Watching from the stage was Mr. McMahon, who laughed at the carnage he had set into motion!